The Next Questions for the Church


We live, obviously, in a rapidly changing time.  According to futurist Ray Kurzweil, “the 21st century will be equivalent to 20,000 years of
progress at today’s rate of progress.”  We’re moving at a faster and fater rate with our present cultures and morals being faced with new, major questions literally weekly (and, perhaps soon, daily).

This blog is my attempt to keep up with some of those new questions and try forecast what the next questions will be after that.  The Church often gets left out of the early days of framing an idea, simply because we don’t know about it.  While we still struggle with homosexuality in the workplace, our teenagers are accepting bisexuality as a norm (as a perk?) and our children are being picked up by pedophiles.  While some churches are discussing what color carpet to use (I know, it’s cliche), businesses are discussing biodegradable carpet and entreprenuers are discussing how to get carpet to the moon.

I am a hopeful optimist.  I hope that I can survey as many positive changes to culture as we do negative ones.  I don’t think that the church has done “something wrong” or failed at our role.  I think we are just uninformed and missing out on the oppertunities to be a part of the greater conversation that’s going on around us.

Thanks for stopping by; thanks for thinking about the next question.


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